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Mulch & Rock Installation In Maryland Heights, Overland, Olivette, & Surrounding Areas

Who doesn't love fresh mulch, rock or another type of ground covering that was just laid in your home's landscaping beds? Laying new mulch or other ground covering provides that finishing touch and makes your landscaping look brand new. Installing mulch and other ground coverings like rock and pine straw is something we do often for our customers, typically in the spring and summer seasons.

Benefits of using mulch and rock in your landscaping beds.

Did you know that there are more benefits to mulch, rock and other ground coverings than just the way it looks? Here are some of the benefits you can expect out of your ground coverings:

  • Provide insulation for the soil by creating a layer between hot and cold temperatures.
  • Helps retain moisture in the soil, promoting healthy growth for your plants.
  • Assists in weed control and prevention in your landscape beds.
  • Prevents your soil from eroding away.
  • Reduces the spread of diseases.

What types of mulch, rock and other ground covers are popular?

In Missouri, homeowners use all different types of ground covers. The different options can all provide different looks and different benefits. Here is a list of the most comm on types of mulch, rock and other ground coverings we install for our customers:

  • Color wood mulch, such as red, brown and black.
  • Pine bark or wood chips.
  • Pine straw or pine needles.
  • Decorative gravel.

We typically provide mulch and rock installation services on an as-needed basis. Most homeowners in the Missouri area will want to replace mulch once per year and rock about every other year. If you're located in the Maryland Heights, Overland, Olivette or other nearby area, please give us a call to get an estimate for your ground covering needs.

Landscape Trimming Services

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We offer precise landscape and small tree trimming/pruning services!

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