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Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

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Mowing a lawn in Maryland Heights, MO.

Complete Lawn Mowing & Maintenance in the Maryland Heights, MO Area

We don't zoom through your property on our mowers and take off, our service goes much further than that. When we arrive at your property, making sure we're not going to damage any of your belongings is the first priority. We check the property for any obstructions and remove any debris before we begin our services.

Once we know we can safely begin your lawn service, we mow the lawn with professional equipment that best fits your property, sure to not leave ruts or any other type damage to your yard. For the areas we can't reach with our mowers, such as against your home, fences, and trees, we use trimmers to carefully get those tough spots.

Anytime we provide mowing, we also edge your lawn to create that sharp finish along sidewalks, driveways, and landscaping beds. Once we've executed our job to perfection, we clean up after ourselves, including any dirt or trimmings on your driveway or walkways. We leave your home in better shape than we found it.

Our routine lawn maintenance services include:

  • Professional mowing service, interval depends on the season.
  • Careful trimming around your home, fences, trees, etc.
  • Sharp edging of sidewalks, driveways and landscaping beds.
  • Blowing/clearing of trimmings and debris.

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Lawn Fertilization & Lawn Weed Control Services

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Is your lawn brown, dull or full or weeds? You need fertilization and weed control!

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