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Lawn Fertilizing & Weed Control

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Proper fertilization service keeps your lawn thick, green and healthy.

As your lawn ages and uses the natural resources in the soil, fertilization comes to the rescue to ensure your lawn is getting the nutrients it requires to live a long, full and healthly life! 

Fertilizing your lawn is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. There are certain times of the year to apply fertilizer, there are certain types of fertilizer and there may be other issues that need to be addressed. You can leave the work to us and rest assured your lawn is getting the care it needs.

The benefits of our lawn fertilizing services.

Lawn fertilization services have many benefits, for both the look and health of your yard. Here is a list of the most important benefits you can expect from our professonaln lawn fertilizing services:

  • Replaces nutrients in the soil.
  • Promotes thicker and green growth of your grass.
  • Thicker grass reduces weed growth naturally.
  • Improved water management and less puddling after rain.
  • Affordable method to improve lawn health.

Removing weeds from your lawn and controlling them into the future.

It is important to remove the weeds from your grass, not only because of the way they make your yard look, but because of the damage they can do to your grass. When you have weeds growing in your lawn, they will rapidly expand and start to suffocate your grass. If this is let go, the weeds can eventually kill your good grass and overtake your entire lawn. At Blake's Lawn Care, we'll evalulate your lawn and guide you to the right treatment your lawn needs to remove weeds and keep them out into the future.

Start your lawn fertilization and weed control program today.

Ready to get the lawn you've always wanted? Give us a call to start your lawn fertilization and weed control program today.  We currently offer our services to Maryland Heights, Overland, Olivette and all other nearby areas in Missouri.

Mulch & Rock Installation Services

Ready to replace your mulch or rock?

Bring back that vibrant color to your landscape beds with new mulch or rock.

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